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The spinner is used to dewater raw materials, remove contaminants and moisture by strong centrifugal force.
High speed rotating paddles strike wet materials,the wet materials hit screen with great kinetic energy,then materials area bounced back by the screen,while water and contaminants pass through screen and fall into basin via water reception.
Compare with traditional high speed spinner,our spinner with long travel, special paddles,has effectively reduced powder lost, but more reliable and stable operation.

  Technology Advantage

Washing and dewatering operate at the same time, high efficiency.
Adopt Europe original centrifugal washing dehydration system, sand and other dirt almost removed after first washing . While for hard plastic, the moisture content is usually about 1.5-2% after first dehydration.
Low water consumption, high processing capacity.
If water is not recycled, feed ratio of PET in the cleaning water is about 1:4, 2 t/h capacity of PET flake only need consumption 0.5T water.
Versatility, washing all kinds of waste plastic.
Various types of hard plastic flake can be washing \ dewatering by high-speed centrifugal spinner.
Mature technology, a good reputation in European recycling industry.
High-speed centrifugal spinner widely used for well-known recycling industry enterprises in European. Mature applications, superior performance.