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Sink Float Separator


The sink float separation is used to separate materials by different density, at same time  washing the materials. Common plastics such as PET ,PE/PP, PS, ABS, can be separated.
At present, we have developed a suitable for film washing separator, use for film recycling.


  Technology Advantage

Low water consumption, high processing capacity.
At present, most of the washing tanks rely on copious amounts of water, huge water consumption, and normally the processing capacity is generally about 1 t/h.
Our sink float separator design as small volume, high-water level, low water consumption, high processing capacity. Only add amount of proper clean water which taken away by material. The processing capacity from 0.5 t - 5t (PET as the sample).
Washing and separating operate at the same time, high efficiency.
Adopt Europe design, merge the function in the same device to enhance processing efficiency, saving equipment and operational costs.
Various choices to meet the different requirement of customers.
The processing capability of separator suite to the high-speed centrifugal spinner, corresponding use can meet the different production needs of the customer.