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Cyclone Separator


Cyclone separator is mainly used for separating the plastics from the label, wood chips, dust and other light impurities.

High-speed rotary wing is installed in the middle of the cyclone separator,and result tremendous centrifugal force,a centrifugal fan is installed on the top of the separator.In the dual role of the wing and centrifugal fan effectively separate the PET flakes and label paper.



  Technology Advantage

No water consumption, no environmental pollution
Our cyclone separator need no water consuming, equipped with the label collector, collect the labels and dust no environmental pollution.
High separating efficiency
Cyclone separator has the advantages of small area occupation, low power consumption,  maximum separating capacity up to 2t/h of a single device (PET as the sample).
High adaptability to different proportion of plastic / paper.
Frequency control, regulate air flow can meet the separation of different proportion of plastic / paper raw materials.