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Bottle Hot Washing System


Bottle hot washing system consist of hot washing helix cylinder, flocculants recycle system, label cap collection system, integrate thermal, mechanical and chemical forces for the whole bottle washing, effectively remove labels, sand, glue, organic residues and other impurities on the surface of the bottle,and after hot washing, PVC, PETG bottles will produce color change, manual sorting and auto sorting will be more accurate.
Bottle washing system can not only effectively remove impurities before crush, improve follow-up cleaning effect, but also be useful for automatic sorting and manual sorting, reducing the impurity amount and improve the quality of final product.


  Technology Advantage

Ensure hot washing time
Continuous cleaning materials, to ensure the enough soaking and cleaning time, impurities on the bottles and part of caps and label paper can be removed.
Steam heating greatly improves the heat utilization of bottles hot washing system, also equipped with online flocculants processing reuse system, which use the high purity screw filter extend flocculants using time, reducing washing costs.