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Water treatment


Water recycling system is to handle the sludge and impurity generated from plastic washing recycling line, water after treatment and reuse for the line.
The Water recycling system consist of sewage Filter, bottom sedimentation tank, sludge presser, dosing system.
Firstly, add sewage treatment agents (such as flocculant) through the dosing system, under the pharmaceutical effect, impurities cohesion, most of the impurities are filtered out into the sludge presser when passing through the filter.
The sewage water through the filter are in the bottom of the precipitation tanks. After sedimentation , further precipitate minor impurities to achieve the purpose of purification.
Sewage processor equipped with a automatic filter cleaning device, can effectively clean the residual impurities on the filter to ensure the effect of sewage treatment.


  Technology Advantage

Quickly and efficiently
The Water treatment system has the advantage of small area occupation, three-dimensional structure from top, sequential process the sewage water, high processing speed with good effect.
Flexible and long operating life.
Made by complete stainless steel materials with import filters and drug delivery systems, long operating life, as stand-alone unit can equipped with various plastic washing recycling line.